A Tragic Day (Dec 27, 2007)

Benazir BhuttoMany Pakistanis did not agree with her political agendas, her views and may not necessarily have voted for her in the upcoming elections, but the majority feels the sorrow and share in the grief with her family on this tragic day. She was a mother to her kids, a wife to her husband and former Prime Minister of the people of Pakistan. Her legacy will live for a long time in the country of her birth. May Allah rest her soul in peace. Amen.

Today, (Dec 27, 2007) is a sad day in the history of Pakistan. The whole nation is in a state of shock and devastated. People are huddling in front of television screens, FM radios, and glued to the Internet in hope of trying to figure out and piece together what has happened today in Rawalpindi.

It is still to be seen if Pakistan can recover quickly from this crisis and move on. This young nation has seen many devastations and horrible political instabilities in the past sixty years. Will this be the defining moment for the citizens or will it further bring chaos and tragedy? As a Pakistani, I can only hope and plead for peace and calmness. It is time for the nation to come together and find a meaning out of this tragic moment.

Jeo Pakistan, Jeenay Doe Pakistan ko!
(Live Pakistan, Let live Pakistan)


About Atif Mumtaz
A serial entrepreneur who loves to travel, discuss politics and hikes on weekends.

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