Cricket and PCB

Here are some things that Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) and Dr. Naseem Ashraf should seriously consider if they want us to fill the stadiums and be more active in watching their games within the country.

Marketing of the Event
It is not surprising for many folks to inquire “Aaj match hay?” if they see someone glued to a radio or a TV set. Since the series is never announced in advance, people find out about it during the matches!

South Africa, Zimbabwe and later Australia are playing cricket in Pakistan this season. However, not once has PCB done anything to promote these matches in the local press or advertising hoardings within the city. Rather, if you ask anyone where the games are being played or what is the schedule, no one really knows for sure. There is virtually no effort or campaign created to promote a series locally by the board. If the board announces in advance where the matches are being played at what time and date, then many people like me can reorganize our lives and spare a few hours to be at the stadium.

Ticket Sales
Barring one series a few years ago against India, no one really knows where to buy the tickets from. It is the best kept secret in town! Amazing isn’t it! There should be some relationship with banks, or other commercial entities where tickets are available with easy reach. If they expect us to come to the stadium to buy the tickets or to their head office in Lahore then the board must be crazy. Here is a suggestion. There are so many call centers sprouting all over Pakistan. Sign up with one of them and get yourself a toll free 0-800 number. Announce it to fans like me in the newspapers and websites and ask us to call and buy tickets by paying through credit card, check or even money order. This would be easy, quick and no hassle of long lines or driving for hours. And do it at least a month before the beginning of the series.

Weekend Matches
Today, on a Monday, Karachi stadium was completely empty as hardly anyone came out to see Pakistan vs Zimbabwe one day match. Which is not surprising. This was also true during the test matches and a few one dayers against South Africa earlier in the season. Empty seats all the way. The reason is simple. If you are planning on holding matches only on week days, then don’t expect us, the fans, to come. Hold them on weekends also! During the South Africa series, the two test messages were played from Monday through Friday. They both missed the weekends with the result no one really showed up to watch. One has to be crazy today to expect fans to miss work for 5 days in a row. But weekends, even I could have made it on a Saturday or Sunday or maybe both.

Do the above and the stadiums will begin to fill up. Don’t bother about it, and we will continue to ignore the matches even on Television eventually generating little revenue for the Pakistan Cricket Board.


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