Trail #5 a Nature Hiking Track

If you love bird watching, follow, track and photograph wild flowers, butterflies and other wonderful natural elements during the spring then Trail #5 is for you. Unlike Trail #3, which is extremely popular among hikers in Islamabad, Trail #5 is less traveled, more natural and passes through some of the most scenic sections of the Margalla Hills.

The trail is over 5km long and reaches the village near Murad Gali on Pir Sohawa Road. This junction is at least 2-3 km walk from the Capital Viewpoint restaurant where trail #3 terminates. The trail is thin and gradually climbs up the hill. It will take a little over two hours at a steady pace up the hill to reach Murad Gali. But since it passes through an extremely scenic part of Margalla Hills, we recommend hikers to stop, enjoy and take in the atmosphere.

Very few people go up this trail. However, it is worth every second on it. Especially during the spring season. Due to the summer fast approaching, we expect hikers to carry water and light food items with them. Take a good camera as well to capture most natural elements on the trail.


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5 Responses to Trail #5 a Nature Hiking Track

  1. meter down says:

    good small info. If I hike to the top and come back the, how much time does it take or whether its recommended or not?

  2. meter down says:

    good small info. If I hike to the top and come back the, how much time does it take or whether its recommended or not? —

  3. Atif Mumtaz says:

    Well, I have hiked up and down the same day and it is a lot of fun. It takes about 2 hours to climb (without stopping) and a little less to come down (again if you do not stop on the way). So take a full day out if you plan to do so.

  4. Ali says:

    So finally I went up to the top of trail 5 this weekend. Took me two and a half hours from bottom to top and than back to the parking 🙂 .. Probably, its more difficult than trail 3 and due to humidity it was even hard to breath in thick jungle. Best of all, I saw a deer, can you believe, a wild deer and some pheasants along with number of beautiful birds.

  5. Atif Mumtaz says:

    Great to hear that. During spring, you can also see butterflies floating in the air as well 🙂

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