San Francisco Street Trains

San Francisco Street Train

San Francisco Street Train

The roads in San Francisco are not only shared by cars and bicycles, but it is not uncommon to find trams and short trains crawl through the streets throughout the city. They ferry people all across San Francisco with ease. And most amazing is the fact that, they also obey the traffic signals by stopping at the red lights and giving pedestrians the right of way as they move at a leisurely pace on the tracks laid right on the paved roads.

We have all heard of the famous cable car of San Francisco, but the trains that prowl the streets ferrying regular traffic from one part to the other are also a treat. They are clean, quiet and quite a few dating back from the turn of the century (20th) and restored to their original. Usually, tourists can be found hanging on to them as they move across the city.

The public transportation system (underground, trains, buses) make having a car in the city moot. There is virtually no need for one with such wonderful traffic management.

Most of these trains/buses are either electric or powered by bio-diesel fuel, keeping the carbon footprint low and the city clean and beautiful.

A great way to keep the heritage alive and also encourage the use of public transportation.