Youtube is uncool to mute music

Youtube - Broadcasting Mute

Youtube - Broadcasting Mute

It is not uncommon to find the following message published under some cool videos on Youtube saying:

This video contains an audio track that has not been authorized by WMG. The audio has been disabled. More about copyright

Together with WMG, Youtube is unnecessarily banning music, even on videos which are not for profit and for a good cause. Yet, music label, Warner Music Group, WMG, somehow considers it as “unauthorized” usage. Considering that the quality on Youtube of any music is at best a good mono and really flat, it just not does not make any sense that anyone would use that music for any other purpose (or even play on their portable players).

In short, Youtube is showing signs of being uncool and WMG, well, with such unforgiving tactics wont win many fans like us who love to listen to their music. We would rather move to other labels who “actually” spend time in understanding the needs of their customers.

Youtube for me is a good way to see the creative use of some of that music and if I like any, I can always go and buy a CD or download the mp3 from itunes store. Both of these options, offer a superior quality audio, than what Youtube could offer.

Hence, WMG and Youtube, you are both to me acting really uncool.