Warmer Winter in Islamabad

It is just me or was it a warmer Islamabad this winter? The temperatures here in December/January usually drop to around zero at night, but this year, they hovered close to 7 degree centigrade. There was no frosty dew in the morning, and nor did we need to scrap our windshields clear before we headed off to work.

I think the cutting down of trees in the recent past by CDA (Capital Development Authority) to make room for high rises and roadways did the trick. An estimated 3,000 trees were cut to make room for construction. The loss of vegetation in the past few years is now having a toll on the weather as the winters are no longer cold.

I am guessing, but this year onwards, it will be much much hotter summer and temperatures will rise above 40 degrees centigrade on a regular basis. Global warming will affect us Islamabadis a bit more this year than before.