10,000 Pageviews and Counting

On January 5, this blog crossed 10,000 pageviews. It is amazing that only three months back I was at 2,000 pageviews. So in a span of 90 days the blog has grown four times.

In 2008, I blogged close to 100 blogs on various blogsites and citizen journalism websites, the list of which can be found on atifmumtaz.com.

I thank all my readers for their support and viewership. And this year, with the launch of xenstreet.com, my latest tech blog initiative, I expect to contribute even more.


2000 Visits and counting

Yes, its official now. My wordpress blog here has received over 2000 visitors since the beginning of this year. That’s not all. It took me well over 7 months just to cross my first 1000 hits (July 21). But just 50 more days to accumulate the next 1000 (Sept 9).

I can attribute this growth to many factors, but the most important of them was getting my blogs written up on other major blogs including some of the more popular ones like Green & White and Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter. This has brought in a stream of new visitors to my blog and has made it possible for me to cross 2000 hits.

The other aspect that any active blog achieves in its growth is content. Now I have over 25 unique items in my blog and most of them get some hits each day through various searches and link backs.

I also contribute regularly to various blogs (a list of blogs that I contribute to can be found on atifmumtaz.com ) but this is fast becoming the most popular one of them all.

Thank you readers for your visits. Please keep reading the stuff I write about, and I will keep posting new and interesting items regularly.