Spiritual Journey of Hajj

Hajis perform Rummy

Millions perform Rummy

Hajj is not just a religious duty, its a spiritual one as well. It is not just about performing Tawaf of the Holy Kaaba, its about evaluating your life and figuring out for yourself the meaning of life.

Its about understanding why we are here and what is the purpose of our lives. It is about understanding what we owe to our parents, our families, neighbors, friends and man-kind as a whole.

Hajj will guide us through our journey of self discovery and more; only if we think and ponder of why we are here to do Hajj. Only if.
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Ramadan Mubarak!

Another year, and another Ramadan. Once again the month of blessings is here. It is a month when Muslims around the world fast from dawn till dusk. Yes, we not only abstain from eating and drinking throughout the month, but also do not use profanity in our language, avoid doing anything that is not just and control our emotions so that we do not hurt anyone. It is also a time for us to control our vices and spread good among the people. Yes, not just to the Muslim Ummah but to every living thing on earth. We also observe peace with absolutely no violence. That means, if there are any wars, we take a break and avoid fighting.

So join us in celebrating this holy month and share a meal with when we break our fast. Everyone is most welcome to join us observing it for the next 30 days.