Bulleya Ki Janan PM Kaun?

Bulleya!Bulleya ki janan PM kaun?

Na voh momin vich maseetan
Har vari kare kufr dee reet aan
Na voh paakaan bus vich paleet aan

Shaid voh numrood o Firaon
Bulleya ki janan PM kaun

Awwal aakhir Asif noon jaanan
Na koi dooja hor pichana
Asif toon vadh na koi sayana
O’ Bulleya o’ Bulleya

Bulleya ki janan PM kaun

Na voh Paki na voh Khaki
Na voh tabdeeli na voh Leegee

Bulleya ki janan PM kaun

With due respect to Baba Bulleh Shah and Junoon.


Can Politicians hijack PTI from its honorable goals?

Javed Hashmi and Imran Khan

Javed Hashmi is now a PTI politician ditching PML in their favor.

I am a bit concerned about the mass influx of traditional politicians from PPP and PML into Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI), an upcoming political party run by the venerated Imran Khan.

Veterans like Shah Mahmood Qureshi, Makhdoom Javed Hashmi, Shaukat Tareen, Awais Laghari and others have been in politics longer than the somewhat new democratic process begun after the death of General Zia ul Haq in 1988. However, none of them have contributed significantly for the improvement of the the democratic process, providing justice to the people or controlling corruption in the country. Heck, most of them enjoyed VIP privileges when ministers for PPP, PML and even willingly served under the leadership of a military dictator.
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Blasts in Jaipur and Cricket

Somehow, it is the Cricket in Pakistan that seems to get affected more by an occasional blast within the country than anything else. While these blasts have political motives, yet it rarely affects anyone or anything for long in the country. However, somehow, in all this entaglement, Cricket stops happening in Pakistan and with countries like Australia continue to not travel due to “security concerns”. I really do not understand these concerns. Take the 2005 blasts in London or even the recent series of bombings in Jaipur that killed over 60 people instantly.


The same Australian board never sent out any security teams to India or England. Nor did their players opt out of the Ashes or IPL. Life went on as it is. Yet, in the case of Pakistan, the whole series and seasons have been rescheduled or canceled outright.

I see only double standards and lack of commitment from ICC to have uniform policies. It is quite unfortunate that such double standards and Hippocratic practices continue to happen with no one really taking any serious action.

Pakistani Elections – My Opinion

It was not a vote for PPP (Benazir Bhutto’s Pakistan’s Peoples Party) nor for PML, Nawaz League. It was a vote against the policies of General (Retd) Pervez Musharraf. Am I satisfied with the results? Yes, of course. My fellow Pakistani citizens have voted for peace over war, just like their counterparts voted out their war mongering leaders in other parts of the world including UK, Spain, and hopefully soon in the USA.

And a word of caution for PPP and PML(N). If they did not deliver on their promises, the people will also vote them out of power. So they better wise up and this time do not screw up as badly as they did in the 1990s.