Ruet-e-Hilal Committee Needs a bit of Science Jolt

Coin of Abbasid CaliphateHave you ever wondered how are the ancient mosques (over 500 years old and more) pointing in the right direction? That is, towards Makkah. I mean, how did the ancient Islamic scholars figure out the direction of the Kaaba without having access to any modern instruments like GPS, or even advance mathematics like Calculus?

Have you ever wondered, how did a Muzzin called the faithful to prayer five times a day without the use of a clock? Some would argue the stars helped him, but then how was he so precise for Salat time on a cloudy night (or day for that matter)? How were they able to account for changing of the day and night and the length of daylight?

Did you know that the first Scientist to figure out Earthโ€™s circumference to within 1% of accuracy (of what we know today) was no other than Al-Beruni, the muslim mathematician in Baghdad. And he did it in 900AD!
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Why do we gain weight during Ramadan?

ramadan-iftarEver wonder why do we gain weight during the holy month of Ramadan? We fast. From Fajr till Maghrib. Thats a whopping 15 hours (your local time may vary) of no food or drink under the blazing July Sun. But instead of making us thinner and fitter, we end up with an even wider waistline than before. Makes no sense!

Or does it.

The real problem is not what we eat. But how much we eat. And by God, we eat a lot after dutifully abstaining during the hot summer day. Just visit your nearest Iftar party in a typical Lahori restaurant; we literally invade the buffet trays as if we are famished for days.

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Ramadan Mubarak!

Another year, and another Ramadan. Once again the month of blessings is here. It is a month when Muslims around the world fast from dawn till dusk. Yes, we not only abstain from eating and drinking throughout the month, but also do not use profanity in our language, avoid doing anything that is not just and control our emotions so that we do not hurt anyone. It is also a time for us to control our vices and spread good among the people. Yes, not just to the Muslim Ummah but to every living thing on earth. We also observe peace with absolutely no violence. That means, if there are any wars, we take a break and avoid fighting.

So join us in celebrating this holy month and share a meal with when we break our fast. Everyone is most welcome to join us observing it for the next 30 days.