Blasts in Jaipur and Cricket

Somehow, it is the Cricket in Pakistan that seems to get affected more by an occasional blast within the country than anything else. While these blasts have political motives, yet it rarely affects anyone or anything for long in the country. However, somehow, in all this entaglement, Cricket stops happening in Pakistan and with countries like Australia continue to not travel due to “security concerns”. I really do not understand these concerns. Take the 2005 blasts in London or even the recent series of bombings in Jaipur that killed over 60 people instantly.

The same Australian board never sent out any security teams to India or England. Nor did their players opt out of the Ashes or IPL. Life went on as it is. Yet, in the case of Pakistan, the whole series and seasons have been rescheduled or canceled outright.

I see only double standards and lack of commitment from ICC to have uniform policies. It is quite unfortunate that such double standards and Hippocratic practices continue to happen with no one really taking any serious action.


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A serial entrepreneur who loves to travel, discuss politics and hikes on weekends.

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