Mumbai and War on Terror

Failing War on Terror

Failing War on Terror

What happened in Mumbai is an atrocious crime against humanity. There is no doubt about it. The hallmarks of this terror attack are no different from what Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Britain, and United States have experienced it during this past decade. This unfortunately is a direct consequence of failing war on terror rather than any stand alone event. It is not caused by any sinister government nor any religious cults of the world. It is precisely a direct consequence of the failed policies dating back decades by most of these countries.

It is our firm belief that the method of waging the war on terror by the coalition forces earlier in this decade has not only failed to curb violence, but has actually acted like a catalyst for terrorism to spread literally across the globe. Today, there is no safe place from the reach of terrorist who can strike anywhere with such force that it makes the previous attacks look child’s play. Terrorism is now a cult and a religion in its own right which answers to no one.

Pakistan is waging an undeclared war on its own citizens in the North West of Pakistan. Namely Wazirstan, Bajaur and Swat Valleys. So far, no productive results have emerged except for over quarter of a million people have been made homeless and made to live in deplorable conditions. Each day hundreds of innocent people die from US drones and Pakistan Military bombings but the world has forgotten them. With the result, Pakistan now faces bomb blasts almost on a daily basis all over the country. I too had my office destroyed during the powerful Marriott blast on September 20, 2008. Like me thousands of people have been affected and many thousands have lost their lives.

Iraq is no different. The Shock and Awe campaign has literally backfired with whole country of Iraq falling into the Al-Qaeda trap. A country which had never really exported terrorism to any part of the world, now harbors and trains Al-Qaeda operatives as a direct consequence of the War on Terror.

India, like the other nations, has on its own part not been a saint when it comes to Kashmir, Assam and other freedom seeking states especially towards minorities within its borders. This is not something new. The brutal massacre at Golden Temple in 1984 or Gujrat in 2002 are just a few of the many attacks the minorities have faced in India which have never been fully answered. Today, there are many innocent people behind bars without trial in the jails of India. Many innocent people have been gunned down by the security forces in Kashmir. A swift and brutal retaliation was not just expected, but actually was waiting to happen. Unfortunately, in 2008, it has happened on a much larger scale in India than anticipated.

It is very easy to blame or accuse someone of a crime, but very difficult to understand why  such heinous attacks are committed. To get to the bottom of these crimes, one has to have an open mind and must engage the other side into a meaningful dialog. President Hamid Karzai, with the help of his coalition partners, is beginning to do just that. He is offering an open dialog with Mullah Umar and Talibans in hope for a long term peace in Afghanistan. The other nations should follow suite. There is no need to bomb and blame others for the crimes. We must look inside ourselves to find solutions.

Peace will come from within. It will not come laden on bombs. This past decade has shown us this message quite clearly.


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One Response to Mumbai and War on Terror

  1. amumtaz says:

    Dear Swanroyali,

    There is no proof brought to any court so far and no case tried so far to implicate anyone. Anything said under torture/duress is not admissible in any court of law.

    As regards Kashmir, I think you need to understand United Nations recognizes it as a disputed territory since 1949. Therefore, whether you accept it as part of India or not, it is legally understood to be “disputed”.

    Secondly, any part of Indian territory does not give India the right to cause human rights abuses. Therefore, whether Assam is legally part of India or not, they must stop causing human rights violation. The more such violations happen, the more disgruntled people will resort to violence.

    I would advise you to stick to facts and stay away from emotions as it will only impair your judgment.

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