Apple’s Next Big Product Ideas

In today’s highly competitive market, Apple is still one of the most innovative companies in the world at this time. Considering that they are over 35 years old, their creativity should be waning like that of Yahoo, Microsoft, HP, Dell among others. Instead it is never been stronger. So what new products can come out of their product line based on what they have in store for us.

Based on the patents filed, product maturity and development, the following are most likely to be revealed in the next 12 months.

iPhone Nano

Nano iPhoneWould it not be great to use my Nano touch to make calls, and run some apps. Yes, the screen interface is too tiny but hey, the next version of Siri could simply make that voice operated. It would be much easier for most of us to wear our phone on our wrist than carry one in our pocket. For example, when we go running/jogging in the morning.

Sort of like the KITT watch from Knight Rider. You speak into it rather than type/touch the screen.

Siri is a problem today. It is not mature enough. But a revamped version is expected with iOS 6 later this year. Maybe that or a later version will bring us closer to reality of launching such a phone.

The only other downside will be battery life. Can a device this small last a whole day on one charge?

Macbook Touch

As we become accustomed to using iPad and iPhones to do most of our chores, it is only logical for us to have a Macbook with a touch screen. We inadvertently end up touching the screen rather than clicking on the mouse pad. It would be great to have the touch interface. Much better for professionals and a boon for students worldwide. Apple already has the basics built in. From OS X Loin onwards, there is an icon driven Launchpad that is eerily similar to icons on our iPhone and iPad. It is evident, that this icon driven launchpad is designed not for Mac with mouse, but for touch interfaces.

We think that Mac computers with touch interfaces will enable many customers to switch to Apple from Microsoft which is so far still very clunky and confusing for an average Joe. But a simpler touch model could change that, much like iPhone and iPad has done for acceptance in the non traditional market.

We think the most likely computer to have that in the first version would be Macbook Air and iMacs. Expect to see one in the very near future, especially with the launch of the new MacOS X Mountain Lion.

iPad Mini

iPads are great. But they are sometimes too huge and bulky to carry around. Try reading a book for a long period of time using an iPad, especially in bed. Your hands will get tired holding it for hours in one position. A lighter and smaller iPad is something that we all desire. Easy to put in the coat pocket or a purse and carry around.

There are rumors for a 7inch coming out this year. So let’s see if that happens.



iPod 3G

iPad is 3G ready, so is iPhone but iPods have lagged behind and are only Wifi ready. We do so many things on the go using 3G/4G on iPads and iPhones that it only make sense to extend this capability on other devices.

Once they are 3G/4G ready they will become the defacto communications device for many teenagers of today. And eventually will begin to eat into the iPhone market. With Facetime, iMessage, Vonage, Skype, Viber, Whatsapp etc there, who needs a full phone? We can do most of our voice, text and video communications on an iPod if it is 3G ready.

It is not only inevitable, but it will happen sooner than we think. And yes, it will outsell the iPhone within two years of its launch.


iPod Game

Apple platform is now one of the largest gaming platform in the world. Millions of players downloading and playing games. Some even online with other Apple customers. Temple run has 42 million unique users playing online alone on Game Center. Angry birds has similar numbers for Apple platform. Would it not be great to build a phone that doubles as a gaming device? I think a dedicated iPod or iPhone or even iPad designed around gaming is just round the corner.

And when it comes out, XBox 360/720 will finally have a competition worth their money.


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